How to Scramble Eggs with Gordon Ramsay

1. he seems like a chill mofo to hang with

2. what the hell have i been eating my entire life

Can I make this for someone?! :o I really wanna try this but I don’t really like eggs…

this is so beautifully simple and extravagant i think i might cry about it.


He is just so fascinating to watch.

Also, I need to try it this way omg.

“Just go upstairs and give it to her now. ….The breakfast.”

I’ve made these and they really are GOOD.

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These links work as of 5/7/13.  

None of the links require downloads, plug in installs, or signing up for anything of ANY KIND. Those are just ads, click out of them and press play. If you’re struggling, this chrome plug in will make your life easier. 

Subbed = speaking in japanese with english subtitles

Dubbed = speaking in english (usually with no subtitles)

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I want to try this.

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Do the braid

This is just the basics of braiding. If you know these 8 basic braids, you can do billions of differend hairstyles. Here’s a roundup, from top to bottom, left to right. There’s always a link to a basic tutorial and then a few links to hairstyles you can do with that type of braid.

1. Regular, 3-strand braid

basic tutorial // sidebraid // milkbraid


2. 4-strand braid

basic tutorial // with a scarf

3. Rope braid

basic tutorial // french rope // bun // twisted rope braid wrap-around

4. French braid

basic tutorial // upside down // to the side // bangs


5. Fishtail braid

basic tutorial // french fishtail

6. 5-strand braid

basic tutorial // braid in braid 

7. Dutch braid

basic tutorial // bangs // wrap-around // up-do

8. Waterfall braid

basic tutorial // waterfall braid + how to finish it off

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Cleaning out my filing cabinet, I found this handout that I made for my mini-comics class.  Hope it’s helpful!  Remember, it ain’t only for comics.  Self-publish short stories, collections of drawings or sketches, or blank for journals/sketchbooks, etc.

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